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B8808 Digital Audio Recorder

B8808 Digital Audio Recorder

(Previously known as NC8800/NC8808)

The B8808 is a professional solid state remotely controlled Digital Audio Recorder designed for the security services and commercial applications.

It has features which make it ideal for long term unmanned monitoring, recording and back up of audio with long spaces between the messages. Up to 2TB storage disc is available, making it capable of recording over a period of several years. Each audio message is given a discrete file name with a date and time stamp, making searches easy and the silence between messages is eliminated to save recording space.

The recorded audio files are retrieved remotely or locally using a desktop browser. Each Recorder can accept up to 8 Mono audio inputs channels and can deliver audio to multiple users simultaneously.

Authorised access is provided, with a user log for management purposes.

The Recorder is built into a standard 1U 19-inch rack unit and is mains powered 110-230V AC 50-60Hz.

Data Sheet

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For further details please see the Data Sheet below:

Data Sheet

  • Suitable for recording and back up of audio messages with time and date stamps.
  • Control rooms, interview rooms and monitoring services.
  • The audio recorder can be stand alone or several units can be networked together.
  • Simultaneous record, search and replay, so no messages are lost.
  • Back up can be provided by networking the recorders. Each recorder can run autonomously and be searched by other recorders on the same network.
  • Very long-term recording over several years can be achieved depending on the size of the installed SSD.
  • Standard 1TB SSD is fitted providing over 4 years of audio. 2TB available.
  • Audio input from a number of sources can be connected such as radio and microphones.
  • The recorder is built in to a standard 1U 19” rack unit.
  • The system is modular and each recorder can have up to 8 mono audio inputs.
  • Messages can be remotely searched and played by input channel ID, date and time stamp.
  • The silence between messages is eliminated to save storage space.
  • Typical users are Security Services, Marine and Aviation Port authorities, commercial broadcast monitoring and more. Already in use with UK Emergency Services.
  • Password protected, allows users with different access rights.
  • Audio files can be downloaded for saving to external disk.
  • Whisper quiet operation – can be used in the office as well as server rooms.


Weight: 3.2Kg
Size: Standard 1U 19″ rack unit


Power: IEC mains connector


Ethernet: 1xRJ45

Mouse: USB

Keyboard: USB

Monitor: HDMI

Audio Input:
2xRJ45 connectors. Each proving x 4 twisted pair Mono audio lines. 1 v P-P.
Software adjustable level control.

Audio Output:
8 mono channels. Standard PC levels with software adjustments available.


Win 10 IOT, Intel Apollo Lake CPU Core processor 8Gb RAM

Up to 2TB storage provides more than 4 years of audio recording.


Input range: 110-230V AC 50-60Hz


Compatible with: Most radio and IT equipment levels.

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