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TETRA/LTE Network Coverage Tools

The BiTEA range of TETRA RF Survey products use well tried and tested Methodology providing test data from operational radio equipment.

The BiTEA range of TETRA RF Survey products use well tried and tested Methodology providing test data from operational radio equipment. Our survey products have been in use since 2005 and are in constant development. They are all certified for use on the UK and other National Public Safety radio networks.

The principle is simple, we use standard customer supplied TETRA terminals operating under day to day practice. We use vehicle sets with external antennas for normal drive testing and body worn radios for walk tests. When required our equipment is also suitable for carrying out hybrid tests where body worn sets are used inside vehicles, which is a standard use by many users. The results provide true operational coverage and performance test results. Our equipment is also capable of carrying out stringent contract testing. In service with Governments, Military and Commercial organisations.

The BiTEA TETRA Survey Coverage & Performance tools are:

  • B7000 a scalable radio network coverage, performance and voice quality tool using POLQA algorithms. Suitable for use with single site networks up to National networks using live data from one to hundreds of probes. This product can be used with most makes of TETRA terminals and TETRA networks. We have fixed probes, Vehicle probes and rucksack probes to cover a variety of test requirements.
  • B7000-HH a small light weight easily deployable hand held TETRA data logger. Providing a cost effective method of checking TETRA coverage. Compatible with most makes of TETRA terminals. The data is analyzed using the associated B7000-Lite analysis software.
  • The B7000-Lite software compliments the B7000-HH TETRA portable data logger and provides post collection replay and analysis of the B7000-HH data files producing a comprehensive range of reports, graphs and maps which can be easily exported into digital mapping solutions.


Application & Benefits

  • Field test tool for TETRA networks
  • Integrated GPS Position & Data Capture
  • Can be used with hand portable or mobile terminals
  • Produces a single Integrated log file for post-processing
  • Displays serving cell parameters, frequency and slot information
  • Displays best neighbour identifier and frequency information
  • Provides benchmark data for future comparison
  • Gives full event log of all issues collected for easy diagnostics
  • POLQA voice quality analysis of up/down link option
  • Record & playback of audio files

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