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TETRA Programming

The BiTEA 6000 range is designed for programming hand held, body worn and mobile TETRA terminals.

The BiTEA 6000 range is designed for programming hand held, body worn and mobile TETRA terminals. These flexible tools can be used standalone and networked, providing flexible and versatile programming systems for local, regional and National remote bulk programming and covert applications.

This is the latest product in the range and it has a number of applications, not just for programming radios. The unit has a high speed i5 processor and windows 10 Operating System, making it suitable for running the programming software from the major radio manufacturers and other applications. It also has built in Solid State Memory a low power bright LED monitor and built in mains power supply.USB sockets are provided to connect to radio terminal manufacturers programming leads and multiple radio cradles.


This is a Bitea programming extension unit which provides users with up to eight radio cradles built into a Peli case. It connects to a pc (such as the BiTEA B6000) running the terminal programming software using USB connectors.


This is a remote programming pod with a built in IP addressable hub. It can connect locally to a PC running the programming software or can be used remotely on a private LAN/WAN to provide regional and national programming solutions.


The NC6054LP Programming Pods are designed to provide an affordable and compact solution for holding handheld radios during programming. Each radio cup is terminated in a USB connection which can be plugged into a hub or directly into a PC running the programming software.

NC6010, NC6011 and NC6012

These are dedicated talk group folder changers for use with covert radios.

Application & Benefits

  • Fixed, temporary and remote solutions
  • Modular designs with easily replaceable parts
  • Compatible with standard radio manufacturer programming Software
  • For use with hand portable, body worn and mobile radios
  • The range also includes Talk Group Folder Changers for covert radios

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