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Bitea provides short and long-term engineering assistance to third parties, ranging from product concept and design through to manufacturing and in service support. Bitea uses ISO9001-2015 certified suppliers.

Software Development

Our software engineering resources are available to provide bespoke solutions. We specialise in interface and control applications using windows based software. If you need assistance with software design, contact our sales department and ask about our software development services.

Mechanical Design

Our mechanical design department is available for use by third parties. We provide light engineering, design and manufacturing resources using our internal team of experienced engineers and technicians. We use modern CAD design software and specialise in sheet metal work. Take a look at our own products to see the quality and range of services we can provide. Small scale product production is also available using our factory resources. Please contact our sales department and ask about our mechanical design and manufacturing services.

Firmware Design

We have expertise in developing embedded firmware for PIC processor controlled equipment, such as those used in interface and control applications. If you need assistance with firmware design and development, contact our sales department and ask about our Firmware Design service.

Product Hire

All BiTEA products are available for sale or hire. Please contact our sales department for details.

Product Training

Bitea has a wide range of electronic, software and hardware equipment and they are all supported with customer product training and refresher courses. If you have a Bitea product or are thinking of purchasing or hiring our equipment please call our product training department for details of the courses available. If we sell you a product, it comes with a training course.

Radio Surveys

Bitea is a leading manufacturer of TETRA network coverage and performance test tools. Our equipment is used daily in the UK by the National Public Security TETRA network operator and many of the user organisations who require their own test equipment. Our products are best known for their ease of use and reliability with an on demand support service to help with network technical issues.

For TETRA network users with urgent problems we are able to offer a short term resource for carrying out TETRA radio surveys using our in house equipment. Many technical issues are detected and solved in the field and if further data analysis is needed our technical reports can be used to discuss and solve the issues with the relevant third parties. This type of work is available on a case by case basis. So if you need an independent survey please speak to our radio survey team.

PCB Design

We have our own in house PCB (Printed Circuit Board) design resources and these are available for use by third parties. If you have a requirement for PCB design service we can provide this. We can also provide manual PCB build for small quantities or fully automated large scale production using the specialist partner organisations we work with who have invested in the latest automated surface mount equipment. Please call our sales department and ask about our PCB and manufacturing services.

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